Private Commissions

The Oxfordshire Hall


The Oxfordshire Hall

The Oxfordshire Hall

The Cage Chandelier

2 x Squirrel Wall Lamp

The Fly-Tox Lamp

2 x Lost

The owner of this fantastic antique bird cage approached Alex in 2013 with the request to transform it into a lighting piece for the Hall.

Whilst the notion of using birds within the piece was an obvious link, Randall decided to develop the idea by introducing two very separate characters. A cloud of doves lifts the piece heavenward whilst within, three chained crows swoop and peck at their brass mount. At one of the doors the story takes shape further as a hummingbird appears to be closing, or opening, the cage.

Due to the scale, weight and complicated nature of the piece the technical elements had to be perfect; the piece was mounted on a newly engineered electrical hoisting system whilst the lighting was made of temperature changing dimmable led ‘s.

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